Randell Park Trails

Randell Park (Zone 1) Trails

Randell Park and Anderson Reserve are located to the west of Old Belair Road and north of Sheoak Road in Belair. The area is approximately 46.78 hectares of bushland that has previously been used for mining and grazing, and is now managed by Council. The reserve has pockets of remnant vegetation, former quarries, varying degrees of weed invasion and informal walking trails.

Coming soon…. walking and mountain bike riding trails in Randell Park!

Works almost complete 2018

Belair Trails Walking Group

Randell Park Trails Update - June 2018 

On 22 March 2016 Council endorsed the Randell Park Trail Plan. The plan was based on Design Option A which was consulted on with the community in late 2015. Further to this, Council amended the plan to remove the sealed trail concept at the 24 January 2017 meeting.

Since then Council has begun work implementing the trail plan and the trails are scheduled to be open this June 2018!

When visiting the reserve you may observe trail closed signs, new information signs, bunting, new plantings and people working on existing trails. These tasks are all associated with trail upgrades in Randell Park.

If you would like more information on what is happening in Randell Park, or you would like to become a Trail's Volunteer please contact Council’s Trails Officer on 8372 8888, or email mitchamtrails@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au.

Remember, the trails are not formally open yet! So bikes should continue to use alternative bike areas such as Lynton Reserve, Ashby/O’Deas/Saddle Hill, Blackwood Hill Reserves and more.

To see the Trail Map, please click the link below.

Randell Park Trail Map

Your cooperation is needed to successfully negotiate the future use of Council's reserves for mountain biking, walking and horse riding so we ask that you stay on the open trails and observe all signs. 

Randell Park East Ridge looking south

Burnell Drive Access Fence/Gate

The Burnell Drive entrance to Randell Park has a fence and gate that is designed to allow the entry of pedestrians and vehicles for park management and fire fighting purposes. The current network design does not include bikes through this entrance.

Your cooperation is needed to successfully negotiate the future use of this reserve for bike riding so please set a good example by not riding in Randell Park and Anderson Reserve.

Further information can be obtained by contacting the City of Mitcham Trails Officer on 8372 8888, or email mitchamtrails@mitchamcouncil.sa.gov.au.

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