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Prevent Stormwater Pollution in your Community

In urban areas pollutions from many small and diffuse sources combines in stormwater to carry a large and concentrated problem into our waters, so it is important to do all you can to minimise your daily impact.

Your Home

  • Ensure that everyone in your household understands the difference between the stormwater system and the sewerage system. Drains in the kitchen, laundry, toilet and bathroom are connected to the sewerage. Outside your house you may have a sewer connection under a tap over a gully trap. All other outsider drains and roof drains should be connected to the stormwater.
  • Keep garden and green litter out of the stormwater system. Sweep up grass cuttings and leaves and dispose of them to your compost, garden, to a green waste recycling depot or, as a last resort, the rubbish bin.
  • Dry sweep rather than hose down driveways and paths to help conserve water as well as prevent stormwater pollution.


  • Use fertilizers and chemicals sparingly and never near drains and natural waterways.
  • Use pesticides only as part of an integrated management plan and never during windy conditions or when rain is likely within 24 hours of application.
  • Colour herbicides with a suitable non-toxic dye to indicate where they have been used.
  • Dispose of chemicals and pesticides at an approved waste depot.

Your Car

  • Avoid using your car wherever possible and keep you car properly tuned. Never allow your car to leak oil or any other fluids.
  • Always wash your car on a grassed or other area that allows wash water to soak into the ground and not run into the stormwater. Alternatively, use a commercial car wash.
  • Carry a litter bag in your car to help prevent litter ending up on the side of the road.
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