Lynton Reserve Trails

In 2010 Council formally opened Lynton Reserve - Zone 2 of the Shared Use Trail Network. Lynton Reserve, Sleeps Hill Reserve and Lynton Depot Reserve make up this zone and feature a combination of maintained vehicle tracks and exciting meandering single trail, allowing visitors to observe city views, intact Grey Box grassy woodlands and impressive quarry faces. The physical characteristics and the conservation values of this reserve have influenced the trail network design and the result clearly demonstrates the right balance.

For a copy of the trail map, click here Lynton Reserve Trails - Windy Point Zone 2(2885 kb)

Lynton Zone 2 Map April 2016

Lynton Reserve trails are located north of Council's Ashby, O'Deas, Saddle Hill Reserve Trails (Zone 3). It is also possible to link trails between these two zones and into Shepherds Hill Recreation Park (Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources).  

Rider at Lynton Tunnel X Over

All users are reminded to be aware of the Trail Difficulty Rating System, Code of Practice and Terms and Conditions. Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

The recent trail user survey of the Lynton Reserve Trails showed a very even split between walkers and cyclists using the trail network. The trail network is attracting a wide section of the community.

Trail User Graph

Restoration Works and Trail Closures

You may observe trail closures signs, bunting and new plantings being placed at trail closure sites. These trails are being closed as they are identified as a duplicate trail alignment, passing through particularly sensitive vegetation or unsustainable. Your cooperation is needed to successfully negotiate the future use of Councils reserves for mountain biking, walking and horse riding so we ask that you stay on the open trails.

Trail Closed image

If you would like to be involved or find out more about Council’s volunteer maintenance program, please click on the Get Involved link.

Lynton - Tramway Loop

The southern Section of Tramway Loop Trail has been closed due to recent assessment of the quarry. A replacement trail alignment is currently being assessed and will be implemented as soon as practicable.

 Tramway Loop Traill Closed

Tramway Loop Trail Closed workers

Lynton - Belair Urban Trail

The Lynton - Belair Urban Trail is located between High Street, Belair and Beagle Terrace, Lynton and is open for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

The Lynton - Belair Urban Trail was developed in response to the community's need for alternative cycle and pedestrian links between the hills and the plains. The Trail was constructed for shared use recreation including cycling, walking and horse riding.

Lynton Belair Urban Trail Bike Rider

Council, in partnership with the State and Federal Governments and community, developed the Urban Trail to alleviate the dangers of pedestrian and cyclist use of Belair and Old Belair Roads, and to provide access to train and bus commuter services.

Council acknowledges the funding support from the Federal and State Governments through the Regional Local Community Infrastructure Program and the Department of Planning and Local Government.

Lynton Urban Trail Frequently Asked Questions

How long and wide is the trail?

The path is 1.6 km long and 3 metres wide in accordance with Australian standards. It’s a bitumen sealed path over of an engineered sub-base and similar to the River Torrens Linear Park Trail.

Who is allowed to use the path?

Pedestrians, Cyclists and Horse Riders.

Are motorised vehicles allowed on the path?

No, except for Council management vehicles and emergency services such as CFS fire trucks.

Does the path integrate with other pedestrian and cycle networks?

The pathway will complement the local area on-road bicycle network and the Mitcham shared use trail network. 

Lynton path map

Map PDF Zone 2 Lynton(674 kb)


The City of Mitcham is responding to community needs for a cycle and pedestrian link between the hills and the plains. Previous plans and studies dating back to 2001 have identified a preferred route between Caroline Avenue, Belair and Beagle Terrace, Lynton.

In 2001 the City of Mitcham undertook investigations for on and off-road trails and paths to link the Mitcham Hills with the Mitcham Plains. These investigations identified the potential to develop an all-weather, hard surface shared use path via formalisation of predominantly the existing trails on Council reserves located between Belair and Lynton. The Council reserves are known as Sleeps Hill, Lynton Landfill and Lynton Depot Reserves.

Community need for safe and convenient cycling links between the hills and plains has been a key driver for the investigations as the on-road network (Belair and Old Belair Roads) is not adequate for all cyclists and do not provide for pedestrian footpaths. The steep topography and narrow roads make it impossible to adapt the existing road network to meet these needs.

In 2005, Council developed a mountain bike trail strategy which sought to implement a trail network in the locality. While separate, these investigations have confirmed the need for both mountain bike and hard surfaced commuter links to provide safe cycle routes between hills and plains.
 Lynton Path walkers


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