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Let's Keep Harvey Hayes Reserve Greener for Longer

Consultation on keeping Harvey Hayes Reserve Greener for Longer finished at 5 pm Monday 22 August 2016.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

A report is currently being prepared to consider the community feedback.

For more information call 8372 8888.

Upgrading Harvey Hayes Reserve

The City of Mitcham is undertaking major road and drainage upgrades in Rockville Avenue, Daw Park, during 2017/2018. Council, as part of this project, is considering opportunities to redirect the stormwater from Rockville Avenue and Day Avenue to improve the natural environment of the Harvey Hayes Reserve. 

Capturing and using stormwater will provide an opportunity to water the existing trees and improve the appearance of the Harvey Hayes Reserve, while also reducing the impact on the environment and our infrastructure. 

Establishing a supply of stormwater for Harvey Hayes Reserve provides a great opportunity to keep the reserve greener and shadier for longer over summer which will improve the amenity of the reserve for local residents. 

Council is therefore proposing to include water sensitive urban design features in the overall proposal which will allow rain water from the neighbouring roads to be collected and distributed across parts of Harvey Hayes Reserve. 

What is Water Sensitive Urban Design? 

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) uses natural elements to clean the stormwater and allow it to soak into the ground providing a source of water for trees and grass. This allows the traditional underground pipes that typically carried water from the streets to larger drains, to be made smaller or removed. WSUD features can include: 

  • Rain gardens - use native vegetation to treat rainwater runoff before infiltration into the ground through material such as sand. Water is available within the sand bed for use by plants during dry periods. 
  • Vegetated shallow pools – are usually about 100mm deep allowing rain water to sit for a few days before soaking into the ground. 
  • Grass lined shallow swales – carry water between rain gardens and along the reserve to drainage systems outside the reserve. Water soaks into the ground along the length of the swale.

What are we proposing? 

To establish a rain garden linked by grassed swales to underground infrastructure within the Harvey Hayes Reserve and Day Avenue, Daw Park. These features will allow rain water to soak into the reserve rather than be carried away for disposal into larger pipes and/or channels out to the Gulf where it may damage important seagrass beds. 

Why are we doing it? 

The aim is to provide a valuable water source to be used within the Harvey Hayes Reserve. 

The project aims to:

  • conserve biodiversity
  • improve stormwater quality
  • keep the reserve greener for longer
  • create attractive places within the reserve that people want to use
  • create natural wildlife habitats 

What are the benefits for the local community? 

The locals will benefit from the development of a more natural landscape; green open space for family activities. These features will enhance the existing amenity of the area. 

Concept Plan

A draft concept plan has been developed and includes WSUD features and achieves the optimal environmental benefits for the Harvey Hayes Reserve by diverting the maximum amount of stormwater from the road network while retaining a large area of open space within the reserve. 

Contact Details

Comments or questions in regard to the Harvey Hayes Reserve can be directed to:

Caren Blythe
Project Engineer
Phone: 8372 8888.

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